Hey, I’m Grace Russell and thanks for visiting my page. I’d love to give you a taste of who I am as a person and a musician. Everything that you see on this page and anything that I ever put out into the world comes straight from my heart and is full of love. I have always had a passion for music, even before I could talk. The number of home videos of me sitting at the piano writing songs and playing random notes at the age of seven are endless.

Finally I’ve progressed from sitting at my piano in my living room recording with a tape recorder, to now having a way to put my music out into the world. All the songs that I write and all my songs on this website were written for a specific reason and were inspired by real life experiences. I believe that music truly is healing for the soul and can help mend hearts. All I could ever dream to come from my music is for it to help people and bring them together. I hope you enjoy all the music you hear on my page and share it and the love that comes with it to others!